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Recent Changes

We're continuously updating Slidevana to meet the needs of our user community. Here are some of the changes we've made recently.

Optimized Slidevana for Retina Display Version 1.2.0

Slidevana Dark for iOS and Slidevana Light for iOS have been updated to support the Retina display at a full resolution of 2048x1536. All diagrams and images will render at the Retina display resolution without any loss of quality. In addition, a new, higher resolution map has been added to the World Map slide.

Launched Slidevana Light for Keynote Version 1.1.0

Released Slidevana Light for Keynote. Based on the same overall design as Slidevana Dark, Slidevana Light is perfect for presentations that need to be printed or need to work with corporate color palettes that require a white background.

Added Timeline Slides Version 1.1.0

Added horizontal and vertical timeline layouts. Use the timelines to present a series of events. Layouts ranging from 5 stage timelines to 10 stage timelines are included.

Various Bug Fixes and Minor Changes Version 1.1.0

  • Fixed missing font issue on Two Item Addition slide
  • Fixed the locked elements on the SWOT Analysis slide
  • Fixed the two "Phase 3" headings on the Five Phase Cycle

Launched Slidevana for Keynote Version 1.0.0

Released Slidevana Dark for Keynote.

Launched Slidevana for PowerPoint Version 1.0.0

Released Slidevana for PowerPoint, including Slidevana Dark and Slidevana Light. Based on the same overall design as Slidevana for Keynote, Slidevana for PowerPoint makes it easy to create beautiful, impactful presentations that work with PowerPoint on Mac and Windows.