Venn Diagram Slide

Use these Venn Diagram slides to present the intersection between overlapping factors. You can describe each factor and the overlapping area with a heading. The two factor Venn Diagram provides an area for a brief caption for each factor. The three factor and four factor Venn Diagrams provide a bulleted list area which you can use to describe the diagram in more detail.

How to Use the Venn Diagram

Venn Diagrams are used to show two or more groups that overlap. Each group is presented as a circle, and each circle overlaps with the other circles in the Venn Diagram. These overlapping areas represent members that are part of two or more groups.

In a business context, Venn Diagrams are often used to highlight strategic opportunities. For example, if you are developing an iPhone application to target coffee enthusiasts, you could use a Venn Diagram to show two groups: the universe of iPhone users and the universe of coffee enthusiasts. In this case, the overlapping area in the Venn Diagram would represent your target audience: coffee enthusiasts that are also iPhone users.

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