Title & Bullets Slide

Use these Title & Bullets slides to convey content in bullet point form. A number of slide variants are provided that enable you to combine bullet point content with photos, charts, diagrams, or other elements.

Tips for Using Bullet Points

Using bullet points is often the fastest way to build a slide. As a result, presenters tend to overuse bullet points when other slide formats are a better fit. Here are some tips for using bullet points effectively:

1. Do You Really Need Bullet Points?

Carefully consider whether bullet points are the best way to present your content. Browse the other slides in Slidevana to see if another slide would be a better fit. If you need to present loosely structured data that doesn't have a clear, overarching structure, then bullet points may be the best bet.

2. Use Indentation to Emphasize Your Main Ideas

A series of bullet points can be difficult for your audience to read, especially at a distance. Use hierarchy to call attention to the main ideas in your content and sub-bullets to add detail to those main ideas. Slidevana's bullet point slides have been deliberately styled to call attention to the main bullet points. This makes it easier for your audience to skim a slide at first glance.

3. Watch the Word Count

More than any other type of slide, bullet point slides can tempt the presenter to use too many words. Use terse, precise language to describe your ideas. If a slide is getting to wordy, consider breaking it into two slides.

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