Pie Chart Slide

Use these Pie Chart slides to illustrate proportion or compare parts of a whole. Although Pie Charts are commonly used, other chart types are often a better tool for the job. Pie charts are most effective if the intent is to highlight a given category (a slice of the pie) in relation to the total (the whole pie) rather than comparing the various slices that create the chart. To illustrate differences such as gains, losses or shares or to compare all the segments of a whole against themselves, it is often better to use a Column Chart or Bar Chart.

For example, imagine that you are designing a presentation to pitch a line of boutique coffee houses. If you wanted to highlight the fact that coffee represents the largest slice of sales, then a Pie Chart would be the perfect tool. However, if you wanted to compare sales among different types of coffee beans, then a Column Chart or Bar Chart would be a better tool since it's easier to visually compare the relative size of segments of a Column/Bar chart than it is to compare the relative sizes of Pie Chart slices.

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