Photo Slide Slide

Use these Photo slides to present a single photo or image to your audience.

Customizing the Image

To customize this slide with your own image, simply drag your image on top of the black and white placeholder image on the slide. Your image will automatically be resized to fit within that placeholder. If necessary, you can manually resize the image after it has been placed.

Tips for Using Images

Nearly every presentation will rely, to some extent, on photos and other types of imagery. Many presentation designers have figured out a little secret — a great photo combined with an interesting quote or stat will almost always make for a compelling slide. However, a poor quality photo can detract from your message. Here are a few tips for using images in your presentations:

1. Emphasize Your Message

Don't be tempted to use any pretty picture you find. Every image that goes into your presentation should enhance your message. If it doesn't, continue your search for the right one. There are plenty of tools to help you find great images. If you have a budget, you can purchase great images on sites like iStockPhoto. If your only option is to use free images, try out services like Compfight which enable you to find images with free licenses.

2. Use High Resolution Images

Presenters are surrounded by high resolution display devices. Projectors are getting better and better, and many people are presenting directly from their laptops and iPads. As even higher resolution displays are released, like Apple's Retina display, it's becoming even more important for presenters to incorporate high resolution images. For images that cover a large area of a slide, we recommend using images that have a resolution of at least 1000 pixels on the long edge of the image.

3. Draw Attention to the Subject

The most effective images are ones that draw attention to a subject. Professional photographers and artists use a variety of techniques to guide the viewers eye to the intended subject. A couple of common techniques include the Rule of Thirds where the subject is placed at "power points" in the image that draw the eye and Selective Focus which uses background blur to guide a viewer's eye to the subject which is in sharp focus. Look for images that leverage these techniques.

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