Line Chart Slide

Use this Line Chart slide to display data as a series of points connected by line segments. Most often, the Line Chart is used to display data over periods of time. The line chart has two axes: typically, the x-axis represents the independent variable and the y-axis represents the dependent variable. Since multiple lines can be plotted on the same chart, the line chart is particularly good at presenting comparisons.

Imagine that you are designing a presentation to pitch a line of boutique coffee houses. As part of that presentation, you want to show how seasonality impacts the sale of hot coffee drinks vs. cold coffee drinks. A line chart would be the perfect way to show this relationship. You could plot the twelve months of the year on the x-axis and sales for each product segment on the y-axis. One line would represent hot drink sales and a second line would represent cold drink sales. You could even highlight the point at which hot drink sales and cold drink sales cross-over (presumably in late spring and then again in early autumn), something that can’t be as easily displayed via a bar chart or column chart.

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