Image Comparison Slide

Use these Image Comparison slides to present a comparison of two options where the options are illustrated with images. You can compare options using between three and six factors by selecting the appropriate slide from this slide set. Each option is described with a heading and image, and each factor is described with a heading and a brief caption for each option.

When to Use the Image Comparison

The Image Comparison slide is commonly used to compare your product or business to a competitor's product or business. These comparisons are often done along several factors or traits. You can use the Image Comparison slide (as opposed to the Comparison Slide) to present a logo or icon for each option being compared.

For example, if you are developing a presentation to pitch a new line of coffee boutiques, you may compare your boutique with a competitor along several traits such as cost, convenience, service quality, and taste. You would include logos or product photos to better illustrate the two options.

Customizing the Images

To customize this slide with your own images, drag your desired image on top of one of the the ying-yang placeholders. Your image will automatically be resized and reformatted based on the size and formatting of the placeholder.

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