Gantt Chart Slide

Use these Gantt Chart slides to present a project schedule to your audience. You can present a one month, three month, or one year Gantt Chart by selecting the appropriate slide from this slide set.

What is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt Chart is a commonly used diagram that illustrates a project schedule. Each task in the schedule is represented by a bar. The position of the bar on the chart indicates when the task starts and the length of the bar indicates the length of the task. It is also common to include small diamonds that indicate milestones or events, such as a project's alpha release or beta release. In addition, many Gantt Charts incorporate arrows that indicate dependencies between tasks. These dependencies are often used to identify the critical path of the project, which is the set of dependent tasks that represent the longest path of tasks in the project.

How to Use the Gantt Chart

Although PowerPoint and Keynote don't provide a native Gantt Chart function, the templates in this slide set can dramatically simplify the process of making a slide that depicts a Gantt Chart. In order to use the Gantt Chart, start by selecting one of the timeframes: one month, three month, or one year.

Each Gantt Chart is labelled with a default set of time periods (days, weeks, months, or quarters depending on the timeframe selected). You may edit these default values if you like. Once you've selected a timeframe and optionally labelled the time periods, you need to define a bar for each event/activity on the schedule. The Slidevana Gantt Chart template has space for up to twelve events/activities. If you have fewer items on your schedule, simply delete the unused bars.

For each event, start by changing the event label (Event One, Event Two, etc.) to a brief description of the event/activity in your schedule. Then drag the bar for that event to the point on the schedule where it starts. From there, you should increase or decrease the length of the bar based on the duration of the event/activity. If there are particular events to call attention to, consider changing the color of the event's bar to a key color, such as the yellow shown on the slide template.

If your schedule includes milestones that occur at a fixed point on the schedule, but don't have a specified duration, you can copy and paste the "Milestone" diamond to indicate that milestone. The label of the milestone indicator is editable so you can change it to a particular milestone name such as Alpha or Beta.

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