Default Table Slide

Use this Table slide to present a table of data to your audience. The table is built using the native table function in PowerPoint or Keynote and can be fully controlled including adding or removing rows and columns.

Tips for Using Tables

Using tables is often the fastest way to present data. However, tables can be difficult for your audience to consume if the table is not formatted well or if the key insight is not adequately highlighted. Here are some tips for using tables effectively:

1. Is a Table the Best Way to Present My Data?

Carefully consider whether a table is the best way to present your data. Browse the charts and other slides in Slidevana to see if presenting your data more visually would be a better fit. If you need to present data precisely and numerically, then a table may be the best bet.

2. Highlight the Key Data

A wall of numbers can be difficult for your audience to process, especially at a distance. Even worse, your message may get lost in a sea of undifferentiated numbers. Use highlighting, such as a color change or bold arrow, to point to the data that is most relevant. For example, consider the case where you are presenting a table of sales data segmented by sales region. If your main message is that the northeast territory's quarterly numbers are strong, make sure to highlight that row or cell in your table so that the audience's eye is instantly drawn to your insight.

3. Watch the Complexity

It's very easy to add a table with lots of rows and columns of data, especially when pasting data in from another program such as a spreadsheet. Keep a close eye on how much data you are presenting and whether that data will be legible to your audience. If a table is getting too complex, consider presenting the table via an easier to digest chart or breaking the table into multiple slides.

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