Combo Chart Slide

Use these Combo Chart slides to compare two different sets of data that are related, but need to be plotted separately. These data sets can be plotted using the same scale (i.e., a single y-axis) or on different scales (i.e., using two y-axes). The Combo Chart allows you to incorporate both sets of data into a single chart, rather than using two separate charts which can be challenging to analyze and present.

For example, imagine that you are trying to understand sales for a line of boutique coffee houses. To do that, you'd like to analyze the number of units of coffee sold and the total revenue generated over the last few months. By working with these two separate data series, you'll gain insight into the relationship between units sold and revenue. As a result, you'll be able to determine whether the cost per unit should be adjusted. Combining the two charts into a single Combo Chart will make it easier to complete the analysis and present it to your audience.

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