Area Chart Slide

Use these Area Chart slides to display data as a series of shaded areas. Each shaded area is defined by a series of points connected by line segments. Most often, the Area Chart is used to display data over periods of time. The Area Chart slides come in two variants: the standard Area Chart and the Stacked Area Chart.

Standard Area Chart

The standard Area Chart is identical to a Line Chart except for the fact that the area under each line is filled in with a color. In the case where the areas of two data sets overlap, one of the data sets will be "in the front" and will obscure the data set in the back. For this reason, the layering of the data sets is important since it is critical that one data set not completely obscure other data sets. When displaying a lot of overlapping information, a Line Chart may be a better visual tool.

Stacked Area Chart

The Stacked Area Chart has more in common with a Stacked Column Chart. Like a Stacked Column Chart, data sets are layered on top of each other and, as a result, it is impossible for one data set to overlap with or obscure another data set. Instead of showing data as discrete columns, a Stacked Area Chart displays data as a continuous series of line segments. This makes the Stacked Area Chart a better tool than the Stacked Column Chart when displaying data with a large number of points along the x-axis.

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